Pete Best Plays Himself in ‘Lennon’s Banjo’ Stage Production


SKF Blog: Fun stuff. Thumbs up to Pete Best for his sense of humor and historical perspective.

Beatles drummer Pete Best to play himself in new John Lennon play

The original Beatles drummer, Pete Best, will appear in the comedy production Lennon’s Banjo, in Liverpool next year.

The show, which tells of a quest to find the first instrument John Lennon learned to play, is based on the novel Julia’s Banjo by Rob Fennah and Helen A Jones.

“I read the novel Julia’s Banjo some years ago and thought it was a great mix of fact and fiction with regards to the Beatles and the elusive banjo.

“It made me smile – a really enjoyable read. So, when speaking to Rob Fennah about the book becoming a stage play, I said in passing ‘I should play me!’ And lo and behold, here I am doing a few of the performances,” said Pete Best.

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