Music, Economics Exercise Kids’ Minds


SKF NOTE: Thank you, Franklin Vanderbilt. Economics plus art plus kids equals a positive recipe for success. How can we help?


Lenny Kravitz’s drummer, Franklin Vanderbilt, tries to save Chicago’s kids with music
By Emily DeCiccio, Fox News

What was so crucial in his upbringing, Franklin said, was not only his parents, but also the activities and mentors that kept him busy and focused on his music.

The problem now, …he said, are budgetary cuts to the very programs that cultivated his talent.

“There’s been a subtraction of different programs and opportunities to advance and empower children…you need a way to exercise your mind, and when you take away economics and art, you leave people no choice but to fight,” he said.

“I want to open a performing arts and economics center to bring more opportunity to my neighborhood,” he said. “Put down the guns, let’s pick-up some knowledge. That’s what I want to do for the west side of Chicago.”

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