Steve Hideg: Pursuing Freedom Through Jazz Drumming


SKF NOTE: Take a moment to read Steve Hideg’s, Neither Bills Nor Advancing Age Can Dim the Glow of a Drummer’s Dream,  and watch the accompanying video. I almost didn’t. That would’ve been my loss. For me, Mr. Hideg’s story is as much about loving freedom as it is about drumming. Although, in Mr. Hideg’s case, his lifelong struggle to play “American jazz” on his drumset is about his love and pursuit of freedom.

Thank you, Kat Chester, for bringing Mr. Hideg’s story to my attention. Thank you to the dedicated members of who also find true inspiration in Steve Hideg’s story. Readers can follow updates on a GoFundMe campaign Tim Lawler started to help Mr. Hideg.

Finally, thank you, columnist Steve Lopez and photographer Francine Orr of the Los Angeles Times for their insight in telling Steve Hideg’s story.

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