Magnificent Ed Thigpen Live (1960)


SKF NOTE: Now and then I find online wonderful music at a great price. Such is the case with the Oscar Peterson Trio’s Live at CBC Studios 1960.

Once upon a time I listened to this group as often as possible. Especially the albums Affinity, and Night Train. Oscar Peterson (piano), Ray Brown (bass), and Ed Thigpen (drums). This trio was, and still is, one of the golden jazz piano trios of all time.

For $5.00 dollars, at least until August 2017, Amazon is offering (MP3 format) almost 37-minutes of live Oscar Peterson Trio that’s new to me, but was released by Justin Time Records on April 1, 2016.

Justin Time Records says of this date:

After recording a ton of music in 1959, the Oscar Peterson Trio only made one studio album in 1960 (The Music from Fiorello) and was not documented again until July 28, 1961. This 1997 CD has ten selections recorded for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation but not released commercially until decades later.

This trio played song arrangements. They would stretch out at times within songs, but, it was not a group that would play the song melodies, improvise, return to the melody, and end.

Drummer Ed Thigpen plays and sounds superb on this date. What a joy to hear Thigpen’s clean, musical playing on his easy-to-identify Ludwig drums. Looking for a crash course in brush playing? Thigpen’s your man.

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