John Densmore: New Book to Preserve The Doors’ Legacy

Doors’ drummer details controversial trial in new book
13 hours ago  •  By Kevin C. Johnson / Pop music critic /

[H]is 2013 book “The Doors: Unhinged,” which documents his battle with the estate of Jim Morrison vs. the Doors’ Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger.

Densmore…says he had to write the “The Doors: Unhinged” in response to fans who thought he was trying to ruin the Doors.

“…I was trying to preserve the legacy, not tear it down,” says Densmore….

The hubbub began after the surviving Doors were approached by Cadillac in 2002 with a $15 million contract that would include the use of a Doors song. Manzarek and Kreiger were for it; Densmore wasn’t.

“Jim had a spirit that was incapable of compromise. I couldn’t get Jim’s ghost out of my head,” he says.

Densmore says…it’s not the Doors without Morrison….

Densmore and Krieger are in the process of organizing an all-star show of Doors songs in tribute to Manzarek. The pair also got together about eight months ago for the screening of “Mr. Mojo Risin’: The Making of L.A. Woman,” where they played acoustically for 10 minutes.

“It was so sweet,” Densmore says. “All these years of struggles, and then there’s this music that’s in your blood that you’ve played 1,000 times. It only took us a minute to get back to the core of what it was.”

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