Talking Drums: Master Ghanian Drummer Paa Kow

Talking Drums
Master drummer Paa Kow and Mister Adams at the Hi-Tone
by Joe Boone

Paa Kow says, “I started making my own drums from cans. Making something and playing and make sound out of it, it helps. That’s what everyone does. You can see them making their drums, putting a calf-skin on it. But the sound that would come out of that drum, you won’t believe. It was just the tradition. That helps me make sound out of any drum. You can see a drum that is busted. You get a head on top. It all is going to come from you. You can buy the most expensive drum you could ever buy or drums that are just old. But the way you make the drums to sound, that’s what’s important. That’s what it is. And if you can make sound out of even a can, you can make sound to make a better rhythm out of it. That’s what I’ve been believing since I’ve been growing up.”

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