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Thank you for visiting Life Beyond the Cymbals. I am always open to your good ideas for making this blog a better place. Just as I welcome your hello. Feel free to contact me anytime. And if my work here is helpful to you, of value to you, I thank you in advance for your financial help in keeping the work alive.

Scott K Fish is a Public Relations and Communications expert across all media, with a 25-plus year track record in high profile positions.

Mr. Fish is former Managing Editor of Modern Drummer magazine (1980-1983). Fish started writing for MD in 1977. As MD‘s managing editor, he was liaison among the magazine and its freelance writers and photographers. He was also a major content contributor to MD. When Fish left MD in 1983 he had written almost 50-percent of the magazine’s feature stories.

Fish continues a passion for drums and drumming which began at age six listening to a recording of China Boy by Gene Krupa.

Fish’s feature interviews with MD included Max Roach, Mel Lewis, Neil Peart, Charlie Watts, Bill Bruford, Gary Chester, Joe Morello, Freddie Gruber, Roy Haynes, Paul T. Riddle, Butch Trucks & Jaimo, Shiela E, Paul Motian, Jim Keltner, Alan Dawson, Dave Weckl, Max Weinberg, Teri Lyn Carrington and Ed Blackwell. He also wrote a five-part MD feature series, the first published History of Rock Drumming.

His writings have been cited in several books including, The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz; Max Weinberg’s The Big Beat, and Robin D.G. Kelley’s Thelonious Monk: The Life and Times of an American Original.

Scott K Fish also founded Maine’s premier current events web forum, As Maine Goes, growing its readership to over 2.5 million page views with 278,000 unique visitors annually.

He served as a communications staffer for the Maine Senate and House, including a stint as communications director for the President of the Maine Senate.

40253674_10212701220706988_7328877166773403648_oScott K Fish recently finished two-and-a-half years as first-ever Director of Communications and Public Relations for Maine’s Department of Corrections. He is now working as Manager of Marketing and Communications for Maine Seacoast Mission. Also, Scott writes a weekly newspaper column for Maine’s Piscataquis Observer.


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  1. Shelley Barrera says:

    Hello again – Oops – My email address starts with gold and my reply to you may have ended up in your spam folder because of it. It happens.

  2. scottkfish says:

    Hi Shelley. What a nice surprise. Thank you for writing. My regular email is Please write to me and let me know how best to reach you. // p.s. I still use Millard’s line, “It’s been a little slice of heaven…” 🙂

  3. Shelley Barrera says:

    Hey Scott – This is your old friend, formerly known as Shelley Cowan, Millard’s widow. How “vunderbar” to know you’ve been keeping the beat. It would be a “slice of heaven” to hear from y’all.

  4. scottkfish says:

    Hi Francesco. Thank you for writing and for your kind words. I enjoyed your blog post on the Murray Spivak technique. Very informative. // Best, skf

  5. Hi Scott i’m Francesco a drummer from Italy your blog is fantastic,excellent contents 🙂
    I wish you the best


  6. scottkfish says:

    Dear Leigh – I emailed a reply direct to your email address.


  7. Leigh Cowan says:

    Hey. I’m Millard Cowan’s niece. From the Steamboat lounge. Could you tell me anything about him? My email is….

  8. scottkfish says:

    Hi. Thank you for your kind words and for adding Life Beyond the Cymbals to your blog. I will head on over and see what you’re up to! Best, skf

  9. fundrums says:

    Hi Scott. Excellent blog. Thank for all the great insights. I have posted your link over on my drum blog at: Feel free to check it out.

  10. scottkfish says:

    Hi Craig – Thank you for writing. You can email me directly at // Best, skf

  11. Craig Thompson says:

    I studied with Freddie in the late 70’s early 80’s. I have a question if you would be so kind to contact me. Thanks,
    Craig Thompson

  12. scottkfish says:

    Dear Mr. Sharp – Thank you for writing. Yes, I did play drums with Millard at the Bettendorf Holiday Inn, the Steamboat Lounge, and, for a moment, at the Wherehouse. I moved back to NY State not long after the Wherehouse opened and did not stay in touch with Millard or anyone else in Iowa. Someone – I don’t remember who – called and left a message for me at my parents’ home that Millard was killed in a car crash.

    Millard’s two bassists while I was with him were Charlie Bloom and then Chuck Penn.

    Somewhere I have one audiocassette of a set or partial set of the Millard Cowan Trio recorded at the Steamboat Lounge. Millard had mics set up and an audio tape recorder near his piano so that he could record the trio whenever he wanted. Perhaps there are other tapes around, but I know of none.

    Thank you again for writing. Feel free to contact me anytime.

    Scott K Fish

  13. Bill Sharp says:

    Scott…not sure how you get “personal” with these blogs, but fell into yours and hope the connection is correct. From time to time, with the growing internet and such I run “Millard Cowan” to try to see if anyone out there remembers…has perhaps set up a “wiki” on the man and his music…and so after NOT looking for maybe a year or so…I tried today and got your blog. I assume you were Millard’s drummer back at the end times…not sure, memory fails me on the point, but were you doing the tour with him when he was killed or was he doing solo?

    ANYWAY, enough about the mystery…as you can see from the post, I’m Bill Sharp and I was working with Millard in those last days to try to make the “Warehouse” fly….during those lean days…we spent many an evening trying to make a go of things. I was the guy who cleaned…did advertising…booked a few of the rock bands….sold “mixers” behind the concession area….and bandaged the place after rough nights of rock.

    Millard, the man (and of course his music) has remained a fascination for me. I was not involved for that long, but his life greatly affected me. I have been, as I said, trying to find any reference to him and I have two “hits” today. Yours AND also one that referred to him as Millard Cowen…from I suspect the base player from those last days. For the life of me, I can’t recall his name, but if I had to fall on a sword…I might say it was Bruce…but, as I said…that is a stretch. The reference I found with the “Cowen” spelling was from a bass player…who said he worked at the Steamboat lounge and it was around the time of the last days…but the blog he was on used a user name, rather than real names.

    Well, all that aside…and assuming you are the personage that shared those times in Rock Island, I hope you will be inclined to stay in touch…and perhaps if you know if Millard is remembered online someplace…let me know. I can not imagine that you have done the things I have seen and read on the blog. NOT because there was a doubt, but because of the grand good fortune to have been able to work within a subject that you obviously love and enjoy. Not many get to enjoy the day to day work they do…I am happy for your good fortune.

    Well, hope we can stay in touch…please remind me of “Bruce’s” real name. As an aside…I have always been TERRIBLE with names….

    Bill Sharp
    Rock Island, IL

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