skf_profileMy blog is not about politics. It is about music mostly, about the parts of my life I would pass on to my children if I had children. My hope? That some of these stories will be of use to someone. Maybe an aspiring musician or music journalist.

In Maine I’m best known, I’m sure, for my political activism 1989-2012. Specifically, for my years as a communications staffer for the Republican State Senate and House caucuses (1989-2000), as Communications Director for Maine Senate President Kevin Raye (2010-2012), for my political writings, radio/t.v. appearances, and perhaps most of all, as the guy who founded Maine’s premier political web forum, AsMaineGoes.com (1998-2013). The year 2013 is when I sold AMG.

But music is my first love. For me, that love started at about age six listening to my Uncle Bob’s recording of Gene Krupa playing China Boy. I fell in love with drums and music. The first half of my life was devoted to playing, teaching, studying, and writing about music. Mostly drummers, but not always. And all kinds of music: jazz, rock, blues, country, classical, folk. The apex of those years was when I was managing editor of Modern Drummer magazine (1980-1983).

I started freelance writing for MD in 1976. When I left the magazine in October 1983 I had written almost half MD‘s feature articles.

I never lost my love of music, never stopped listening, playing, studying. And I’ve been blessed to have met some incredible musicians. Some of them remain close friends.

So my blog is about passing on stories. Not gossip, not “tell all” crap. News you can use.

During my 1983 MD interview with drummer Bill Bruford, he paused at one point and said my interview questions were not the run-of-the-mill drum interview questions about what happens when a drummer is sitting at a drumset, i.e. What kind of sticks do you use? My questions, Bill said, are about “life beyond the cymbals.”

That’s the origin of this blog title.

Best, skf

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  1. scottkfish says:

    Thank you, Gruntersdad. Drummerworld.com is the best primer I know for learning about the world’s greatest jazz drummers.

  2. nofunleague says:

    Scott is also a frequent contributor to Drummerworld.com, A forum for and about drummers and drums. He is quite well received there. Thanks Scott, Gruntersdad

  3. scottkfish says:

    Thank you! // Best, Scott K Fish

  4. CHRIS MILLAR says:

    Loved the Willie Dixon thing !!

  5. Bryan Owings says:

    Hey Scott,thanks for the great articles you do.always interesting.please keep them coming.

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