New Music from Elvin Jones, Tony Williams, Philly Joe Jones

SKF NOTE: I thank Mr. Richard Brody for bringing to my attention two CD’s and one bit of news unknown to me: We may yet hear more of Elvin Jones with the classic John Coltrane Quartet, there is unreleased Tony Williams with Miles Davis’s Second Great Quintet, and unreleased Philly Joe Jones with the Red Garland Trio. Merry Christmas, indeed!

The New Yorker – DECEMBER 9, 2014
The Best Jazz Reissues of 2014

The archives are still full of inaccessible treasures. Ben Ratliff, in his book on John Coltrane, reports that eighty-six CDs’ worth of live recordings of Coltrane from the early nineteen-sixties are locked up in Verve’s vaults.


Another Davis issue, of a May 21, 1966, concert from the Oriental Theatre in Portland, Oregon… features the mid-sixties quintet (with bassist Richard Davis, in place of Carter). The music is acoustic and very free. Williams had played with the saxophonists Eric Dolphy and Sam Rivers, and he pushed the band toward an oceanic, pulse-free swirl that came to the fore when the young bandmates Shorter and Hancock soloed. Though Williams snapped into rhythm for Davis, it was one of wide-ranging, impressionistic broadness, with shimmering cymbal-smacks and tom-tom rumble pushing the beat into uncharted territory.


Miles Davis’s first stable working band, a [1955] quintet..,, featured John Coltrane.., …Philly Joe Jones, and…Red Garland, whose distinctive style, with bouncy chords chimed out by his interlocked hands, lent the earnest and even brooding band a sideline of warmhearted relief. A new release, coming January 20th, “Swingin’ on the Korner” (Elemental Music), features Garland and his trio from December, 1977, at San Francisco’s legendary Keystone Korner…. Garland is in astonishing mettle here…. What’s more, he’s accompanied by Jones and the bassist Leroy Vinnegar, and their chemistry is passionate. Jones…matches Garland in inspiration and enthusiasm….

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